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Inflatable Finish lines and Scaffold Constructions

Inflatable SPORTS ARCH Gantries and Light Weight Scaffoldingtw_inflatablegantry

As a guide the Yellow Sports arch dimensions are 7.5m wide x 4.64m high overall. Internal measurements are 5.620m wide x 3.00m high

The WHITE arch comes in at  7.40 width and 4.25 overall height

They have a series of eyelets fixed into its top horizontal so you can attach your own banner if you wish.

There is a facility to attach large flags on the TIMEWISE top rectangle box of the arch if required.

All Arches have provision for Velcro attached on both sides of the Sports Arch legs. These measured areas are .750 x 1.50m for displaying either your own or potential sponsors banners.

All Arches have the option of having the supplied interchangeable START or FINISH Banners fitted to the top horizontal of the arch by Velcro material or again having you're own or potential sponsor's banners displayed.

They all are supplied with either an electric (240v) fan unit, or alternatively, a petrol powered generating unit

To support and stabilise the Arches, a sandbag is placed in each leg and 2 rope lengths are attached for each side each side to be fixed either to the ground, barriers or any street furniture that is available.

NB, The X - Large Unbranded RED sports arch has overall dimensions of 10.5m wide and 6.5m high. ( No box on the top)

( With a smaller version of an unbranded RED Arch available with overall  dimensions of 8.60m wide and 5.50m in height) With NO box on the top See Below

Which would probable meet the requirements of being a focal point of most road , cycling and corporate events.

Scaffold Built Gantry

metalGantryA light weight Zip scaffold easily erected that can be either  a single or twin tower construction. It can carry banners , clocks ,bunting and sponsors info

Wind Feathers  ( for where Sports Arch or Gantry are impractical) Bright Fluorescent Wind feathers can be used as Start or Finish points, Marker points or Focal points (see below)


Red sports Arch - August 2010


Pink Sports Arch - Telford, 2013


                                                                     RED, WHITE and BLUE Sports Arch, July 2011    

Yellow Arch with posts and bases


White Sports Arch, Oxford Half Marathon  - October 2014

Cardiff fun run

Smaller Red Unbranded Arch, November 2017

Windfeather -1

A light weight two tower gantry which can be used where the event organiser can move each tower to their preferred distance or opening.

Banners and advertising 'stuff' easily fixed and removed.

The towers have a footprint of approximately 4' square and have a height of 12' 

Two Tower Gantry


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